Job Order




The Order Process

We have just made it easier to place your order! To set up an account contact our Concepts office or download and fax to us the Credit Application at the bottom of this page.

I. Quoting

Now two easy ways to obtain a quote:

  • Our online system, available 24 hours a day. Obtain a user name and password by contacting our office or your sales rep.
  • Fax over a layout for our office staff to quote. Include with your layout job name and contact information. Please provide complete details to include measurements, material type and color and any special requirements.

II. Placing an Order

  • Begin by printing the Template Request Form below. Complete the form and fax or email it back to us. The customer needs to have the following steps completed in the home prior to developing a template:
    1. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure the cabinets are installed and are plumb and secured to the walls and/or floor. If new cabinets are part of a remodel, they must be installed prior to templating.
    2. All of the appliances in the kitchen need to be on location.
    3. The sink and/or cook top range MUST be at the jobsite location or delivered to the plant before fabrication in order to avoid delays. This is critical to the cut out dimensions necessary for fabrication.
    4. For a kitchen countertop replacement, we recommend that the top be removed and that all countertop appliances had been disconnected before we arrive to template. This allows for the most accurate measure. If the replacement involves a change in design we reserve the right to request that tops must be removed before templating.
  • Once received we will contact you to schedule the next available business day for measuring. You will receive a reminder call the day beforehand.
  • An adult with authority must be on-site during templating. If not on site, specifications will be at the sole discretion of Concepts.
  • Any questions or concerns may be addressed with our templater while on site.

III. Order Confirmation

  • This contract agreement you now receive serves to verify that all information is correct and totally meets your specifications.
    1. You will receive by fax a contract agreement for signature, a final quote and a computerized drawing as a result of the jobsite measure.
    2. Final pricing is based on jobsite measurements.
    3. A signature will be required for any additional charges or changes from the original quote.
  • Fabrication is scheduled upon receipt of a signed order agreement.
  • All specifications must be confirmed in writing to Concepts. If not, they will be considered to be at the sole discretion of Concepts. This includes but is not limited to: seam locations and overhang dimensions.
  • In choosing natural stone, as the stone's color pattern or grain may not be consistent, we recommend that you select the slabs from a stone supplier of your choice.

IV. Installation

  • The final step is installation.
    1. As a general rule your installation date is scheduled 2 weeks from receipt of signed order confirmation. We try to honor any request for a shorter lead time however based on schedule availability it would need to be addressed on an individual case basis.
    2. You will receive a reminder call the day prior to installation.
    3. Please notify us as soon as possible if there is a change to your scheduled installation so that our schedule may be adjusted accordingly.
  • Prior to the scheduled installation, it is recommended that the customer cover the installation area entryways and vents, create a clear path, cover furniture and floors, and remove all breakables from install areas.
  • Minor wall scrapes, digs, or punctures are possible during the installation process. Final wall finishing should not be completed prior to installation. The customer is responsible for any minor repair or touch up to be done after installation.