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Company Policies

Quoting Policy

  • Concepts is not responsible for client errors using the online quoting system.
  • Client must review the quote carefully.
  • Client is responsible for insuring the quote includes all items and specifications desired.
  • Quote requests must include all information required to accurately estimate the job. Quotes missing information may be quoted or returned for additional information. Quotes completed with missing information will be based on assumptions by Concepts. Deviations from those assumptions may increase or decrease the final estimate. Quote requests sent without countertop dimensions cannot be accurately quoted.
  • Quotes are valid for 70 days (calendar days).

Templating Policy

  • Client is responsible to make sure cabinets are plumb, level, square and secured to the walls and/or floor. If new cabinets are part of the remodel, they must be installed prior to templating.
  • Cabinets that will rest on the countertop must be installed after the new countertop is installed.
  • Accessories (sinks, faucets, etc.) must be delivered to plant prior to insure accurate fabrication of materials. Accessories need to be provided as job fabrication delays may result and may delay product installation.
  • Client must have an adult over age 18 with the authority to approve design specification on site during templating. If a client representative is not on site during templating, specifications will be at the discretion of Concepts.

Order Confirmation Policy

  • Any changes to original order must be in writing from Concepts acknowledging change and additional charges, if any, to the original quote. Any additional charges require signed confirmation acknowledging additional charge. No additional charges apply without written notice.
  • Installation dates are scheduled 2 weeks from receipt of signed order confirmation. Quicker installation may be available with an additional charge depending on scheduling availability.
  • All specifications must be confirmed in writing from Concepts. In the absence of specifications in writing from Concepts, specifications are considered to be at the sole discretion of Concepts. This includes but is not limited to seam locations and overhang dimensions.
  • Job Orders confirmed are valid for 30 days; any order not started within 30 days that is not paid will be cancelled at the discretion of Concepts and client invoiced for expenses incurred.
  • It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that the sink fits the base cabinet.
  • Orders cannot be cancelled or altered after fabrication has started. Orders cancelled prior to fabrication will require payment for material and labor costs incurred by Concepts, including templating and material cost (or restocking fees if material can be returned.)

Installation Policy

  • Any installation or fabrication issues must be brought to the attention of Concepts within 5 business days of installation.
  • It is the responsibility of the client to make sure all appliances are in place prior to installation.
  • Client is required to provide a clear path to the installation area and to remove all breakables for the path and the installation area.
  • Client must have an adult over age 18 with the authority to inspect and approve the installation after completion.
  • Minor wall scrapes, digs, or punctures are possible during the installation process. Final wall finishing should not be completed prior to installation. Client is responsible for any minor repair or touch up required after installation.